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Thanks to our contact system and our 10 years of operation, we have experienced and well-trained skilled colleagues who have always found a quick and efficient solution to their manufacturing problems. Our workshop has 3 new high-tech DMG Moriseiki machining machines, the tooling and readiness of which are equipped for individual and small series production. Thanks to our connection system, we can produce almost every part found in the automotive industry, from prototypes to small series production. Our goal is to maintain the growth path we have achieved so far, which we want to achieve with new investments and the continuous development of our colleagues.
Manufacture of custom machined parts

We manufacture components for special purpose machines and individual measuring devices at a high quality level, taking into account all the expectations of the automotive industry!

Our experienced cutting team contributes with professional expertise in the production of their products, from the production of simple parts to the production of more complex 5-axis and 3D surfaces!

Prototype production

We make “MUSTER” pieces for plastic injection molding, aluminum molding and assembly tests, which are validated in each case with a 3D measuring machine with an accuracy of +/- 0.05 mm.
The "PATTERN" pieces are usually made of aluminum, but in special cases they are made of plastic, or the connection surfaces for assembly tests are made of steel inserts!
Small series production

Our tool park and production equipment are equipped for individual and small series production, therefore we can cost-effectively produce a maximum of small series, ~ 300-500 parts!


3 axel machining center
(X=635 Y=510 Z=460)
3 axel machining center
(X=600 Y=560 Z=510)
5 axel machining center
(X=500 Y=450 Z=400)
Our machines are equipped with an integrated
Renishaw tool and workpiece measuring system,
so we can perform control measurements already
during machining without having to
remove the part from the machining machine.
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