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Engineer Design

Our experienced engineering colleagues deal with the design of measuring and control devices and target machines. Our company places great emphasis on efficient design. We can ensure this by providing continuous feedback from our manufacturing processes to our engineering colleagues, so that we can process any defects anomalies immediately and take action. It is important for our engineers to be committed and to strive for perfection, because only in this way can we create something lasting in the future!
We love the challenges and new things we face every day. We can also provide our partners with a production optimization service, which is always welcomed due to the cost-cutting implications. Our engineering colleagues also take part in education, as we also continuously employ engineering student colleagues. As a result, our engineers have extensive experience not only in their own design, but also in the design solutions of our partners through production optimization.
Design / manufacture

We offer a complex solution to our customers, as the designing is performed at the same place as the production, with a tight deadline and at a high standard.
Designing machine design

During the years we managed to establish a wide and professional supplier partnership, so our team is able to manage the designing and manufacturing of bigger production plants and assembly lines.
Product optimalization

Our experienced engineer colleagues can help our customers with fast and cost cutting designing solutions, which can result 10-20% decrease in expenses.
We Support Research and Development Inventors

We are in partnership with inventors and we are constantly searching for inventors that have an innovative idea, but does not know how to implement it (prototyping, estimating costs, etc. ). We are able to help them achieve their vision!
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